Burke​/​Two Minutes Union Split 7"

by Burke/Two Minutes Union

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Emo punks Burke and Two Minutes Union united for a split 7" full of catchy songs and heartwarming lyrics, mastered by Mat Kerekes of Citizen.
Comes on Electric Blue w/Baby Pink in a beautiful sleeve and with a booklet, both designed by SPEC. Includes a digital download code. Limited to 250.
SR04 in collaboration with Whole Records


released September 25, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Felix Krois
Mastered by Mat Kerekes
All songs written by Burke and Two Minutes Union



all rights reserved


Stray Records Braunau Am Inn, Austria

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Track Name: Burke - Turtle Fight
Quiet, you sneak out of your house this morning
And then... I know all your secret hideouts

You are trying to escape the pressure in your head
But in the end you will collapse

I'm taking that last train, back to you, I'm on my way.
Nothing makes me stay here, I need to push you
On your fucking back so you can reconstruct what you have torn apart
This is a turtle fight and I won't faint

Navy blue you highlight every single
"Save me" written in your diary

You are trying to escape the pressure in your head
I will save you before you collapse
Track Name: Sleep and Get Sober
Tell me where you are
I will come and fix your broken heart
Something in the air makes me wonder if you're that far at all
I've been searching every bar
And the backseat of your daddy's car
He told me "be a good boy and bring my darling back home"

And if I won't find you tonight
I rest at the gates of this town for a while
I know that there were days when you drowned in the dark,
lonesome nights that teared you apart
My hand is your bed so come over - to sleep and get sober

Tell me where you are
and where sickness played it's part
Are you awake for days looking for a better place?
I've been searching in your room
Where was the start of your doom?
A house, a home, where has all the time gone?
Track Name: Dead End
I held your hands in the dark
the back of my car, so full of you
laughing - red eyes wide open
there's a truth we never knew

I won't say that I'm okay, I save it for a better day

"Go on!" I heard you say
"You can make it to get away"
I won't leave you behind
Track Name: The Nights We Won't Forget
And here's to you, my friends
This night is ours
Let's have a drink or ten
And sit down on the porch

Hey did they play your favourite songs
And each and everyone could sing along
These songs that made our youth just feel complete

This is a cheer (so raise your glass) to the nights we won’t forget
Just take your time and have a drink, these nights will last
This is a cheer (so raise your glass) to the girls we won’t forget
The ones we loved, the ones we had

We wont forget

Let’s take a look at the sun
Watch her rising till her setting
Burn her light down the shore
Glittered, golden reddish flames

Won’t waste our time, jump in the van
Our mamas never know which way we’ll take
Come on, the road that leads us to nowhere

Now I try to remember
All the things we had
We would never surrender
To their stupid plans

You can count on me
Can I count on you