Centuries Wasted

by Five Minute Fall

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The new Five Minute Fall Album "Centuries Wasted" in 12" Format.

SR003 in cooperation with RiseOrRust Records, Last Novel Records, Blacklungsrec, Monday Morning Records, Teenwolves Records, Ride+hun.music


released February 6, 2015

ARTWORK: Tristan Svart
Mix and Mastering: Christoph Eymannsberger and MASSACRE STUDIO
Recording: Christoph Eymannsberger and Oliver Pum
All Songs by Five MInute Fall
Songs 7,8,9 by Five Minute Fall and Martin Reiter



all rights reserved


Stray Records Braunau Am Inn, Austria

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Track Name: Too Far Gone
endless streams of pity
cover the violent silence
abundance ensuing
our love was wasted
we’re too far gone
we have forsaken our values,
the man-made morals
in hindsight?
our love was wasted
we ran out of time
when the clock strucks twelve
the world falls apart
we`re too far gone
step on your high horse
who needs actions when you got lies?
a hearse is approaching,
step on your high horse
who needs actions when you got lies?
a hearse is approaching,
whose is it?
your choice, a hoarse voice
Track Name: Role Model 2.0
16 years old …..
a half grown man
enters the chapter of life
smoke and a glow in the dark
while he cries
while he cries
„did i achieve everything i set out to do
did i reach anything?“
a rolemodel of what a young man should be,
no stains on his clean slate
a girl and a job, a family`s support
appearance deceives
appearance deceives
the curtains will fall
the applause will mute
his girl knocks on his door,
black eyed from her father`s fists
tears ran down her face
so much sadness in her heart
their baby was dead
their baby was dead
so was her mother`s wish
too young to raise a child
too young and too dumb to decide
this is just another story
of everyone`s life
so where is your paradise
where is your paradise
this is from the streets
rolemodels just don`t exist
this is from the streets
rolemodels just don`t exist
Track Name: Beliefs
everyday i ask myself again Do i have something to believe in?
full of hopes i lost my way again
never recognised anything
that day my one and only disappeared,
when nameless clouds, covered my beliefs
i could not grasp any reasons
no explanation just a fucking why?
i never understood anything
i never felt anything from abovewhen the desperate ones still hope and pray
i feel alone
mankind `s killing itself for religious and cultural reasons and fuckin beliefs
driven by hate and intolerance , respecting nothing but themselves.
a manifestation of their ONE precious lord.
not giving a shit about any life on earth
perhaps it is my own blasphemy i see the most things as they are
perhaps there is a missing link in me but to be honest i dont care
but still I BREATHE
Track Name: The Last Stone Unturned
when I lay awake
the light leads nowhere
with every slave they slay, they slay
take all of me, I am yours now
the last stone left
unturned I turn into stone
but I remember when
the roles were reversed
you kneeled before him
to heed his shattered thoughts
with everything I loved
in your rotten claws
each painful loss i`ve made
brings me closer to my peace
but mark my words and mark my grave
i will go down with a bang!
it’s becoming clearer
and clearer I see
you have them forced
in eternal slavery now expose these liars
telling us their truth
they brought it on themselves
so much hate, so much death
and now it’s time for our take
on those broken facts
they brought it on themselves
because we will survive
Track Name: My Last Goodbye
These gates shut down forever
another chapter has been closed
where i feel captured in the past with you
one last tear drop left my eye
brushed away with a smile
looking forward to better times
which better times
i still feel paralysed,
reflecting all i had,
recollections of better days
replaced with my brave new world
you`ve killed me
the last time
maybe this time
i ll change
i just have to scream
my head right off
yes i remember the time with you
as time passed by with you
yes i remember in fact you turned your back
without remorse
Track Name: Gone Too Far
a restless night
another dream ends
feet back on the ground ,
a return to reality
to reality and all the suffering again…
the dark night ends
when the pain comes round
eyelids droop and the body shakes
your heart is cold and your veins freeze
when you realize you have no one left
another throwback to 15 years ago
when you had the chance to choose your way
but no one knows if you did it right
cos THIS life is your only chance
don`t dream your life,
live your dreams instead!
break the chains and follow your path
don`t dream your life,
live your dreams instead!
break the chains and SCREAM
hold me back
open my eyes
my mind`s will
this is my end
decisions have been made
over lost decades
hold my hand
this is my breakthrough
through the world
i`ve gone too far
expose my faults
i`m sorry
was BLIND but now i.......SEE
Track Name: Distorted Reflection
a distorted reflection of me
caught in your hall of mirrors
watch out I’m gonna count to 3
and then you can witness me
turning into a pile of shards
and escaping the cage that you made for me
photocopied images spread across
the pages of every magazine
if all the world’s a stage
then I’ll stick to my part
it may evolve over time
but remain the same at heart
and when the final curtain falls
I hope I’ll receive applause
cause it’s not always easy
to stick to one’s own laws
if all the world’s a stage
then I’ll stick to my part
it may evolve over time
but remain the same at heart
you are misled by
photocopied images spread across
the pages of every magazine
you are misled by
two-dimensional characters
spit out by every tv screen
Track Name: The Icarus Agenda
you wanna climb the top, you wanna reach the sky
but you set you kite on fire while passing by
you want the WORLD TO CHANGE, make a giant leap
you’re building castles in the clouds and then you fall asleep
everyone’s unfair and full of shit
but you won’t reach your goals
if you just cry and bitch
don’t count on me for sympathy
leave me alone and stay away from me
you’re good at pointing fingers
you’re pointing right at me
so I’m the reason for your inability? you really make me angry
you really make me sick
don’t get in my face
i think i’m losing it!
and now five fingers form a fist
i’ll let ‘em squeeze the blood right out of it
i bite my trembling lip and
count the times you made me sick
and while I’m breathing heavily
i scream so VIOLENTLY
but I won’t take that final step
no, I won’t do what you expect
i’ll keep my calm
and I’ll stand tall
no, you won’t see me
Track Name: Life`s a One Way Road
tell me, mommy
is this the way it all ends.......
tell me mom ,
is this the road we all have to walk down
when sands of life are running out
and no one hears us screaming
i can`t hear you scream
till our end arrives
and the tunnel opens its doors
one life, one choice
no matter which bus you take
we`ll all end up the same
life`s a one way road, they say
you can`t miss it
you can`t get off
someone told me,
„try to live your life the best way
cos in the end you should die
with no regrets and blame
but try to be honest
don`t try to be cool
and never beat a dead horse
please try to be honest
don`t try to be cool and stop beating this dead horse“
life`s a one way road , they say
life`s a one way road they say
we all, have to go the way of all flesh
we all have to pay the debt of nature
a life , anxious to be hated
a life , the one and only thing