Demo '16

by Floralane

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All songs written and performed by Floralane
Recorded Summer/Fall 2015
All lyrics written by Daniel Lang


released May 1, 2016

Produced & recorded by Christoph Eymannsberger and Daniel Lang
Mixed & Mastered by Christoph Eymannsberger



all rights reserved


Stray Records Braunau Am Inn, Austria

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Track Name: Heaven/Hell
I have murdered and I have lied
I've been the cloud, I've been the sky
Longed for freedom and longed for peace
wanted power and things you can't see
Tried to feel, tried to be dull
Once I was empty, once I was full
Turned it white and turned it black
failed to live, learned to regret
I have been to heaven, I've been to hell
Can't tell the difference, it is quite the same
I suffered well and bloomed in hopelessness
killed the boy inside the man
whom I gave hope, told him to dream
while living a life which is losing and losing its meaning
show me what's real about my dream
I can't distill this soggy heat
I inflamed while I drowned
I've seen the the end from top to down
I have been here,
or have I been gone for too long?
Track Name: Perdition
Surrounded by fields of gold
and yet you sleep in mold
You can do what you want
if you want what you can do
Word only pulls you down
so just put yourself in the ground
You don't say what you think
and you think what you won't say
You're trying to chase everything that you won't get
You're trying to chase all those things you never had
Maybe you don't want to know
could it be nature's favor?
Forgetting things enactive
is the hardest part a life long
You grow pale
at the sight of something you love
while you bear in mind
all that is not essential
Track Name: Paradise
Once there was a field of green
there for real, not just a dream
Where nature and men used to live
together in perfect harmony
and right beside a running creek
treading water, crystal clear
to supply the wise and weak
for many weeks and months and years
Suddenly a dam was built with walls so high
to shelter all the people and their minds
and the men who once were wise
now seem to rest in paradise
The only to bring back to mind
that once there was a field of green
are poems and songs and lullabies
to guarantee the kids sweet dreams
Nevermore the world has flourished
but only withered
becoming unwell
Track Name: Devour
It's almost again late afternoon
your hands and your face as pale as the moon
Throwing stones and killing cans
while your thoughts devour you and all sense
yet you can't find your way
So many things are crossing your mind
you've been right and wrong for too many times
It's too late for change
too late to go back
though you know things could only go better than that
All you ever knew for sure
was that you will shut your eyes
You're writing and writing
but you forgot the fighting
When you do what you want but don't want what you do
you try to pull down these walls that you can't break through
You will shut your eyes