Knifelong - Demo 2015

by Knifelong

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Recorded in December 2015 by Valentin Laabmayr
All songs/lyrics written by Viktor Wenger and Valentin Laabmayr
Artwork by Chri Kaderle


released February 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Stray Records Braunau Am Inn, Austria

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Track Name: Orbit
Now I am sitting here being as always
unproductive restless bored but with
all these things that stuck in my head
i feel so drained
but mostly I am just sitting here being as always
It feels like every day’s the same
routine is poison - get away
I never thought that it would pull me down like this
Beeing distracted seems so easy - I am blur inside
Always one step ahead from myself
tripping down the same old circles
Track Name: Pillow Talk
High regards floating in my brain
calling me in to settle me down
makes me ill at ease, like a chore
I know that i could have done so much more

Even if I try I can’t tell for sure
that I will do the right things for myself
no matter what you’re expecting from me
it will always stay the same

It’s not that I don’t like you but
sometimes I don’t get how many things I do
just for my own
is this an hindsight, how should I know

you can never see till the end
situations are known that they bend
you can never think things through
at least I can't do
Track Name: Time waster Club
Connected with everyone but not myself
through my tired eyes I try to find something to cheer me up
but I won't find enough
I can't stop thinking that I might miss something
could I do better if I'd try harder?
idle away or start it my way
how else could I say
that life is not about reaching the goal
try to focus more on the way you walk on
these moments where you feel alive and well
are reason enough
Track Name: Random Street 22
It was hard for me when I saw that the building that lasted my whole life collapsing just because no one cared
Buried by the own weight destroying all the things around
collapsing just because no one cared anymore
As my father said to me
that you can't assume to make things right.
yes life can be hard but life can be bright.
i now realise that there's nothing like a best way through this
just try to be the best person that you can be